A virtual machine that simulates a CPU along with a few other hardware components, allows khổng lồ persize arithmetic operations, reads và writes to lớn memory & interacts with I/O devices.

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It can underst& a machine language which can be used to program it. Virtual machines used in code obfuscation are completely different than common virtual machnines. They are very specific lớn the task of executing a few phối of instructions.

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Each instruction is given a custom opcode (often generated at random).

Table of contents



NASM Python3 Tkinter g++ make


A bash script was created for easier thiết đặt of the development environment. At the beginning the script checks & installs the necessary software. Next, copy files and run some unit tests. The bash script is compatible with Debian-based distributions & Advanced Package Tool, which handle the installation và removal of software.


After setting up the environment, the directory structure looks like in the screenshot below. There are:

Debugger - the source code of the debugger,Editor - the source code of the code editor,VMbộ vi xử lý Core - the source code of the virtual machine,vm.inch - the tệp tin with definitions of opcodes,VMPROTECT.py - start here