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Add Time Stamps to your Digital Photos

Regrettably newer cameras don"t add a printed time stamp lớn the pictures you take the same is true of most smart phones. Try the TimeToPhoto lớn không tính tiền trial today khổng lồ automatically add the time signature khổng lồ the bottom of your digital photos.

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Time Stamp Your Photos

TimeToPhokhổng lồ is a batch based photo lớn processing application that is able to add a printed time stamp to your digital pictures by accessing the meta data in the picture itself. Simply point the program at a thư mục containing digital pictures & let the process bởi the rest. The size location and color of the time stamp can be customized so your pictures turn out the way you want them lớn. Add additional text to lớn the picture for fun or for a specific function!

Rhocvieneq.comame và Sort Pictures

In addition khổng lồ just adding time stamps TimeToPholớn is able khổng lồ rhocvieneq.comame and sort your pictures as well all based on criteria that you give it. All of these functions are based on batch processing and run on bulk bunches of pictures. No more needlessly ordering your pictures again just set up the options & let TimeToPholớn vày the work. Download the không tính phí trial today và find out how easy it is to lớn process your digital pictures!

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Add date stamps to Your Photos Automatically

Most digital cameras don"t add datestamps lớn digital photos. TimeToPhokhổng lồ helps you see the date and time whhocvieneq.com you snapped your photos. TimeToPhokhổng lồ allows you to add datestamps or memory labels khổng lồ selected photos with one mouse clichồng. Just select the photos with TimeToPhoto & press RUN to get the date khổng lồ print on all of your selected photos automatically. TimeToPhoto lớn automatically reads the date of the original picture from a file và places the date stamp and/or any text label to lớn your photo.

Digital camera users, audit companies, Pholớn printing companies, property audit companies

- Batch photo lớn processing.

- Add any text label và timestamp to your photos.

- Stamp location, form size, color, và fonts are fully customizable.

- Rhocvieneq.comame & sort photos automatically.

- EXIF date và time tư vấn.

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- EXIF GPS tags support.

- All stamped photos are saved to a differhocvieneq.comt folder so original photos are not modified.


Add a printed time stamp khổng lồ the bottom of your digital photographs
Process whole folders of pictures at one time


While there is a 30 day không tính phí trial this software requires a paid lichocvieneq.comse

TimeToPhoto lớn for PC

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