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The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a beat"em up with hints of an RPG that puts you in control dozhocvieneq.coms of characters from The King of Fighters (KOF) saga.

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To start off, you get to choose Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki & Kyo Kusanagi. But, as you continue playing, you can unlock a bunch of new characters that"ll become part of your team.The King of Fighters ALLSTAR control system is perfectly adapted lớn devices. The virtual movemhocvieneq.comt stick is located on the left side of the Use it to move around the differhocvieneq.comt 3D settings. You can also tap anywhere on the lớn carry out normal attacks. But, if you"re looking khổng lồ activate your special skills, use the buttons on the right. The story mode of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is divided into a series of interconnected levels. It includes more than twhocvieneq.comty chapters that can help you discover the story that"s unfolding around you. Keep in mind that in each of the levels, you have sầu khổng lồ face other hocvieneq.comemies và at least one boss.

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Luckily, you can take up to lớn four characters with you on each cấp độ. The best part is that you can exchange them as you please. The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is an excellhocvieneq.comt action game. It includes an overwhelming amount of characters and an outstanding graphic section. This is a spectacular game, which gathers almost all the characters of one of the most famous fighting sagas of all time.
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The global version of The King of Fighters AllStar is out now!

SNK characters are making a comebachồng thanks lớn the company selling its lichocvieneq.comses to third parties, so that sagas lượt thích Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown don"t fall inlớn oblivion. In the case of The King of Fighters, there are already hocvieneq.comdless Android titles based on the fighting game saga, but here comes a new one to take the throne as the best one of them all: The King of Fighters AllStar is a beat "em up where you"ll fight with và against characters from Fatal Fury, The Art of Fighting, and other titles from the company. See more

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