SSS6696, SSS6697, SSS6698 – production utilities for these controllers NET!For flash drives from Toshibố, these controllers, you can tryTransMemory_Secure.

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For this, controller does NOT have MPTool.For recovery Toshitía on this chips, your can tryTransMemory_Secure.;Identification codes of controllers0x76 = TC58NC66850x87 = 3S6675-870×88 = TC58NC6686 = 3S6675-880×91 = 3S6675-910×95 = 3S6677-950xA1 = TC58NC6687 = 3S6677-A10xA6 = 3S6677-A60xA7 = 3S6677-A70xB0 = TC58NC6688 = 3S6690 -B00xB1 = 3S6690-B10xB2 = TC58NC6689 = 3S6691-B20xB3 = 3S6691-B30xB4 = TC58NC6690 = 3S6692-B40xB5 = 3S6692-B50xB6 = TC58NC669x = 3S6686-B60xB7 = 3S6697-B70xB9 = 3S6696-B90xBA = TC58NC6623 (hit00: TC58NC6621 = SSS6698-BA)0xBB = 3S6698-BB0xBD = 3S6695-BD


;On the FILES page, there is the utility Toshitía TransMemory Secure, which ahy vọng other things supports working with controllers from SSS type 3S6698;Selecting the required configuration INI tệp tin và binaries (.BIN)The configuration files have “speaking names”, for example6692_HY_26nm_D2_Normal Flash (256P_8KB) .INI:6692SSS6692controller;HY– memory ofHynix;26nm– the technological process of this memory;D2is the memory type, in this caseMLC.Abbreviations & symbols used:HY – Hynix;HY26 – Hynix 26nm;HY32 – Hynix 32nm;IM – Hãng Intel & Micron;IM25 – Hãng sản xuất Intel & Micron 25nm;MG26-Micron 26nm;TSB – Toshiba;D1-SLC;D2-MLC;D3-TLC;CM – for Toshibố and Sandisk memory with a lot of badges;To understand what memory is used in the flash drive without opening it is possible by clicking the “Card Info“buttonin the produced utility & looking at theFlash ID (FID):AD-xx-xx = Hynix Flash89-xx-xx = Hãng Intel Flash2C-xx-xx = Micron FlashEC-xx-xx = Samsung Flash45-xx-xx = Sandisk Flash98-xx-xx = Toshitía FlashBy file name, you can underst& what kind of binary is needed for your memory type.Characters with arbitrary values marked with a symbol:x(one unknown character),*(indefinite number of unknown characters):the Toshibố và Sandisk D2-the MLC: 66xx_Bx-A_xxxxxxxx_V * _ * the BIN.The Toshicha và Sandisk the D3-TLC R: 66xx_Bx-D3_xxxxxxxx_V * * the BIN _.the Hãng sản xuất Intel & Micron”s Hynix và the IM-the Flash: 66xx_Bx-IM_xxxxxxxx_V * _ * the BIN.the Toshibố Sandisk và the MLC / TLC R: 66xx_Bx-CM_xxxxxxxx_V * _ * the BIN.The mask66xx_Bx, in this case, designates the controller Mã Sản Phẩm, for example6690_B1.For information on this, see above, in the item “Controller Identification Codes“.

;The procedure for restoring the memory thẻ with the controller 3S6692For example, we have a flash drive with a controllerSSS6692-B5và memoryH27UCG8T2MYR.This memory chip is created by a26nmprocess, you can get this information from bothdatasheets(if you find it for your memory),ChipEasyitselfshowed, using a tìm kiếm query in the tìm kiếm engine or on mynameplate.

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We take some version of the production utility with the support of this controller and that the binary have sầu in the distribution, for example,v2.182.We select the configuration tệp tin named6692_HY26_256P_8KB.INIand try lớn flash the flash drive.If the process ends with an error, then we flip the flash drive in the port, cđại bại the utility, add the lineEraseAllFirst = 1in thesection to lớn thisINI fileand try everything in a new circle.If nothing happens again, then we go baông chồng lớn editing theINI file, replacing the BIN file with another one in whose name there is6692_B5-IM_.Although in this case the most “fresh” one is used (its date is6692_B5-IM_20110422_VB88200_B3EF.BIN), but you can try an older one.If this time you have errors, then go lớn another version of the utility, if there are no necessary binaries or INI-files, then they can be moved there from any other version,The main thing is that the utility is supported by your controller.cảnh báo # 1: If using anINI file, you asked for a flash drive sầu, and the size was significantly reduced or there were some problems with the volume, then you need to check if it contains thesection, if so, then Delete it along with all the lines contained in it.cảnh báo # 2: For flash drives withToshicha Sandiskmemory, although there are regular binaries, still vì chưng not forget (or better try first thing) the files with the lettersCMin the tệp tin name.For what they are intended, read above sầu.Note # 3: In the case of older models 3S (up lớn and including SSS6690)

3S USB Flash Disk mFormat Utility2008(14)
Gembird Media Format Utility2002(1)
PASSID USB Flash Disk Password Utility2008(13)
3System USB Flash Memory Driver Setup Utility2005(5)
EasyDisk USB Mass Storage Controller Driver for 3System2002(1)

3S INI configuration tool– Russian development from Eugen Voluzhev, for building config files (.INI).3S INI configuration tool v1.0b;3S_INI_V10B.rar;Size:2 229 678 bytesInterface:English (english)3S 6677A5 / B5 / D5 Tool– utility similar khổng lồ “3S USB SafeErase Utility” and designed lớn erase blocks on flash drives with controllers SSS6677A5, SSS6677B5 & SSS6677D5.It should be used before flashing 3S MPTool và OnCard Sorting.The utility was not tested personally.3S 6677A5 / B5 / D5 Tool v1.0;3s_6677a5b5d5_tool_v1_0.rar;Size:364 083 bytesInterface:English (english)3S USB MPhường Configuration Tool – utility for editing the configuration files of the utility utility “3S USB MP Utility v2.103” (probably, it will work correctly with other versions of this utility).

3S USB MP Configuration Tool v1.2a;3S_USB_MP_CT_v1.2a.rar;Size:2 708 682 bytes3S USB MP. Configuration Tool v1.4;3S_USB_MP_CT_v1.4.rar;Size:2 707 748 bytes3S USB MPhường Configuration Tool v1.4 EN unofficial translation;3S_USB_MP_CT_v1.4EN.rar;Size:1 592 244 bytesinterface:Chinese (chinese)3S USB Mass Production Utility is a production utility for working with flash drives on Solid State System controllers SSS6677, SSS6679, SSS6686, SSS6688, SSS6689, SSS6690, SSS6691, SSS6692.There are a lot of binaries in the archives, but the configuration tệp tin is only one, but you can make your own on its basis, replacing the firmware files (6691_B3-A_20090708_VA10500_9085.BIN).In the settings of the program VID / PID are displayed in hexadecimal format, & in the configuration file – in decimal.Password for configuration changes: 5526568.3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.084;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2084.rar;Size:231 800 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.087;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2087.rar;Size:235 141 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.089;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2089.rar;Size:240 150 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.093;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2093.rar;Size:254 216 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.094;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2094.rar;Size:722 459 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.095;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2095.rar;Size:532 502 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.096;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2096.rar;Size:249 030 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.097;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2097.rar;Size:250 310 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.099;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2099.rar;Size:268 449 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.100;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2100.rar;Size:251 622 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.103;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2103.rar;Size:253 842 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.112;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2112.rar;Size:284 037 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.150;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2150.rar;Size:338 572 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.157;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2157.rar;Size:671 397 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.159;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2159.rar;Size:965 929 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.162;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2162.rar;Size:495 755 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.173;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2173.rar;Size:750 162 bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.178;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2178.rar;Size:371,905bytes3S USB Mass Production Utility ver 2.182;3s_usb_mp_utility_ver2182.rar;Size:518 558 bytesInterface:English (english)