Download ida pro 7

I downloaded an exe program developed by win32, I want khổng lồ see the source code, or just want to see which interfaces are used. Cheông chồng Baidu và learned that IDA Pro 7.0 will help. Hereby download & install.

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tải về link

During the installation process, be careful of other software.




Password: qY2jts9hEJGy






1. Run & start installation

2. Enter the password "qY2jts9hEJGy" in the pop-up window, cliông chồng NEXT & wait for the installation khổng lồ complete

3. Copy the IDA Pro registration machine in the "patch" directory lớn the installation directory khổng lồ run, & cliông xã "Patch" khổng lồ complete the cracking (I didn"t see this, just run it)

4. Successfully cracked

After opening it, directly put the exe pháo you need to see, và then you can see it after confirming the various settings.

To be precise, I don"t know how many settings have been phối in the middle, & what settings have been phối anyway.


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