How to link leech with vnz

The term Leech liên kết is now very popular with users when we want to lớn download certain link from Fchia sẻ, 4Share without a VIP tài khoản lớn download at high speed. There are many Leech links sites that tư vấn users completely không tính phí of charge, helping you to get download links with high tốc độ. Vnz-leech is one of the leading Leech liên kết currently used by many people. The operation on Vnz-leech is also very simple, fast, you have sầu the download links Fnói qua, sharevnn, 4share, . with the highest tải về tốc độ. The following article will guide you how to read Leech links on Vnz-leech.

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Instruction for using Vnz-leech Leech link

Get Vip link?

In some websites today, when users want lớn download certain files, they need khổng lồ have sầu Vip acc to lớn download with high tốc độ. In the absence of a VIPhường trương mục, you need to lớn give sầu the link you want lớn tải về to others or use some software to lớn turn it inlớn a normal liên kết lớn the host"s Vip servers to tải về faster speed lượt thích when using the acc acc.

What is leech link?

Leech links simply means to lớn transfer the liên kết you need to lớn tải về khổng lồ another hệ thống whose link is your datamix và we can tải về it faster.

Step 1:

Users access the homepage of Vnz-leech by following the links below & click on Register above lớn create a user trương mục.


Enter the full information as shown below khổng lồ register for a user trương mục và will receive a notice of successful registration.


Step 2:

Then return khổng lồ the main interface of Vnz-leech và enter the name in the name box and click on the word login in the interface next.

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Enter the password in the displayed pop-up interface & cliông chồng Login to login the trương mục.


Step 3:

At the interface we cliông chồng on the Link Checker to proceed lớn kiểm tra your liên kết.


Step 4:

Now display the interface for users khổng lồ paste the URL of the file to lớn downloadcliông xã Cheông xã Link below.


The result will display a code snippet below , we hold copy of this code .


Return lớn the homepage, paste the code into the message boxclick Go to lớn proceed. Now we need to wait for the mod get liên kết for me to tải về the tệp tin and it"s done.


Thus Vnz-leech helps you Leech quiông xã liên kết to download files at high speed even without a Vip trương mục at download sites. lưu ý that Vnz-leech has rules & restrictions for members, so users need lớn read the nội dung carefully to avoid being banned.