Whether you’re after optimal ergonomics or all-day comfort, find the support you’re looking for with our range of PC gaming chairs designed to lớn fit every game thủ.

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To help you achieve perfect gaming size in front of your computer, the Iskur range focuses on giving you full-range support that maintains your posture & minimizes musclefatigue.


12 Variants to lớn Choose FromSelect the options below lớn find out which Iskur is right for you.
With plush finishing, optimized cushion density, and a build crafted for optimal weight distribution, the Enki is a champion when it comes to gaming marathons.


5 Variants khổng lồ Choose FromSelect the options below lớn find out which Enki is right for you.

When it comes to finding the most comfortable gaming chair for yourself, you need a fit that’s personal. With a built-in, fully adjustable lumbar support, 4D armrests, with plush memory foam cushions wrapped in premium synthetic leather or fabric, our selection of gaming chairs cater to gamers of all shapesandsizes. gaming chairs help you keep an igiảm giá khuyến mãi posture, reducing muscle fatigue and strain that can result from long hours of gaming. But if you need to lớn get stuff done, our gaming chairs double up perfectly as an ergonomic work-from-home chair or office chair aswell.


The key to peak gaming performance starts with solid support—so let’s break down the Iskur gaming chair to lớn find out how its ergonomics differs from typical office or gaming chairs, and why that can improve sầu yourplay.

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The key khổng lồ all-day comfort lies in the data—so let’s break down the Enki gaming chair to find out how its optimal weight distribution helps you reduce sitting fatigue, & why that matters when it comes to lớn the long game.

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The Iskur is an excellent option for gamers looking for long-term comfort for those marahạn hẹp sessions. Tom"s Hardware
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An exceptionally comfortable and supportive sầu option, all while maintaining a sleek và stylish appearance. Entertainment Weekly
The Enki and Enki X deliver all-day comfort thanks to its outstanding bottom cushion Windows Central


Since its launch, the Iskur has found a place in countless amazing battlestations và its popularity shows no signs ofstopping. GAMING CHAIRS. BUILT TO BE THE BEST.

With numerous internationally recognized certifications và thiết kế born from rounds of rigorous testing, gaming chairs are superior to lớn standard gaming chairs & office computer chairs not only in terms of comfort, but durability. Thanks to their solid build quality, gaming chairs will provide tư vấn you can always rely on whenever you have lớn be at the desk for long periodsoftime.

Most adult gaming chairs in the market come with support pillows that are non-customizable or adjustable, while the Iskur comes with a built-in lumbar system that is fully adjustable to suit the shape of your baông chồng khổng lồ provide more tư vấn và relieve sầu muscle fatigue in thelongrun.

The Iskur comes with a highly adjustable height, backrest & armrests, which works together to ensure longer peak performance by keeping your back comfortable and minimizing strains from improper posture. The gaming chair also ensures maximum responsiveness during gaming by ensuring that your arm position is igiảm giá to lớn access the mouseandkeyboard.

As a br& that is big on unique, you can rest assured that the Iskur gaming chair is made with svào, reinforced plywood, sturdy steel tubes và steel-reinforced base that offers the best support even for game thủ guys out there who are taller than average. Did we mention that the chair remains fully supportive sầu even in a fully reclinedposition?

The common consensus is that gaming chairs are stylish and prioritizes aesthetics over comfort while office chairs are more likely to be made for comfort. However, gaming chairs are ergonomically-designed to lớn provide a high cấp độ of comfort for its user along with beautiful thiết kế và color. Gaming chairs would definitely be an ideal choice for both your office & gamingneeds.

Gaming chairs typically feature a tall backrest that is higher than most office chairs. This ensures that your shoulders & neck are supported for long hours of gaming. Furthermore, gaming chairs are fully reclinable, allowing you khổng lồ lie down comfortably whenever you need to lớn catchabreather.

Gaming chairs are perfect for studying at your study desk as it features highly adjustable armrests và backrest, allowing you to adjust the chair’s position accordingly when you are using your computer, writing on the desk or readingabook.