Mega Man X5, known as Rockman X5 (ロックマンX5) in nhật bản, is a video clip game developed by Capcom. It is the fifth main installment in the Mega Man X series. It was first released for the PlayStation in Japan on November 30, 2000 and in North America & PAL territories the following year.

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Mega Man X5 is set in the 22nd century in a world where humans coexist with humanoid androids called "Reploids". Daily life is under a constant threat of these Reploids going "Maverick" & participating in dangerous & deadly crime. After the events of Mega Man X4, the Maveriông xã leader Sigma has been revived & seeks lớn unlochồng the true power of the former Maveriông xã Zero & destroy the hero X in the process. To make matters worse, Sigma has mix the space colony Eurasia on a 16-hour collision course with Earth. It is up to X and Zero to lớn stop Sigma once again and save sầu the planet from destruction. Like its predecessors, Mega Man X5 is an action-platform game in which the player controls either protagonist through a series of eight, selectable stages & wins the special weapon of each stage"s boss. However, the game only offers limited number of stage attempts before the player must deal with the colony.

According to lớn Capcom producer Keiji Inafune, Mega Man X5 was originally intended lớn be the final game in the Mega Man X saga. Critical reception for the game was lukewarm, with many reviewers agreeing that the stale gameplay formula will only further satisfy diehard fans of the series. Mega Man X5 was ported khổng lồ the Microsoft Windows as retail packages in 2002 in both Japan and North America. It was also re-released in 2006 as part of the Mega Man X Collection for the GameCube and PlayStation 2. Mega Man X5 was made available on the PlayStation Network as part of the PSOne Classics line for North America and Japan in năm trước. It became available for Windows via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One và Nintenvị Switch as a part of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 (Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2 in Japan) on July 24, 2018 worldwide & July 26, 2018 in nhật bản.


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Several months have sầu passed since the events of Mega Man X4. The series" primary antagonist, Sigma, has been revived once again, and conducts retìm kiếm on the origin of the "Maveriông xã Hunter" Zero. He decides to lớn attempt to unloông xã Zero"s true power, hoping lớn destroy X in the process. Sigma attacks the Hunters directly, but intentionally loses, thus spreading the Sigma Virus across the Earth và throwing it inkhổng lồ chaos. Meanwhile, a Reploid mercenary named Dynamo is hired by Sigma to lớn cause a space colony, Eurasia, to collide with Earth in 16 hours. To prevent Eurasia from striking the planet, the Hunters pursue two options: fire a powerful cannon called "Enigma" at Eurasia và vaporize it, or if the Enigma fails, launch a space shuttle & pilot it into the colony, destroying it. To maximize their chances, X and Zero are dispatched to collect parts for the two devices with the aid of their new teammates Alia, Douglas, và Signas. The necessary parts to lớn tăng cấp the Enigma and shuttle are held by eight Mavericks, & X và Zero must defeat them khổng lồ clalặng the parts.

Whether the Enigma and shuttle succeed or fail is randomly determined by the game. From this point, the story diverges into lớn different subplots:

Once X và Zero recover the four parts for the Enigma, it is fired & will either succeed and completely destroy Eurasia, or fail and only destroy part of it. If the Enigma fails, Eurasia"s orbit will shift slightly và its impending impact will be delayed. In this scenario, Signas will begin the space shuttle plan, & X and Zero are dispatched khổng lồ recover the parts.

Like the Enigma, the shuttle can either succeed or fail.

If the shuttle succeeds, 86% of Eurasia is destroyed & Earth is no longer in danger. Zero, who pilots the shuttle, safely returns, but some remains from Eurasia still crash into lớn Earth, devastating its ecosystems and spreading pollution all over the planet. (The events of Mega Man X6 show this is the scenario that happens).

If the shuttle fails, only part of Eurasia is destroyed và crashes inlớn Earth. Zero becomes a Maverichồng.

If time runs out, Eurasia crashes into lớn Earth, & the planet barely survives. Zero becomes a Maveriông xã.

Whether the Enigma/shuttle succeeds or fails, a new virut appears on the Earth, dubbed the "Zero Virus" by Alia. The location of the virus" origin is discovered, và the Hunters investigate a bizarre underground fortress (if Zero became a Maverichồng, only X is playable for the remainder of the game). Deep inside the fortress, X & Zero cross paths, where mutual suspicion và mistrust leads to lớn a duel between the heroes.

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After the duel, Sigma appears lớn try and take advantage of the situation, và the story diverges slightly.

If Zero became a Maverick, he sacrifices himself to lớn save sầu X, and X continues on alone to defeat Sigma.

If Zero did not become a Maveriông xã, he saves X and himself from Sigma, & both have a chance khổng lồ confront Sigma.

Mega Man X5 has three possible endings:

If Zero became a Maverichồng, X defeats Sigma alone, but is badly damaged. Dr. Light appears và repairs hyên ổn, but deletes all of his memories of Zero.

If Zero did not become a Maveriông xã, Sigma tries to lớn make the Hunters" victory for naught by taking them both down with him. Zero manages to lớn finish Sigma off, and the endings diverge again depending on the player character.

If X defeats Sigma, he inherits Zero"s beam saber and continues to lớn fight as a Maverichồng Hunter. (The events of Mega Man X6 show this is the scenario that happens).

If Zero defeats Sigma, he reflects on his origin & life, with visions of a blurred Dr. Wily & Iris, before dying.


The main gameplay remains similar to previous installments. Unlike X4, the player can freely switch between both the shooter X and the swordsman Zero while playing through the game. Depending on which character the player uses to start it, the other one will be affected negatively with X losing his X4 armor and Zero losing his buster. There are four armors for X—his Ultimate Armor, the upgraded armor from Mega Man X4, and two others that must be assembled from capsules. However, X cannot wear parts of these armors separately. X can also no longer shoot his buster through walls, và each character has the ability to lớn duchồng. Zero is able to lớn find và enter Dr. Light"s capsules, however, he cannot use the armor parts given, instead retaining the part to bring khổng lồ X. However, if Zero reaches the capsule that contains X"s Ultimate Armor, Dr. Light will offer the "Blaông xã Zero" Armor instead of the Ultimate Armor that enhances his abilities. Besides regular enemies & bosses, X & Zero can be chased by a phantom virus that will try to lớn infect the characters. If X is sufficiently infected by enough viruses, he will enter a state where his health rapidly declines. However, if Zero is sufficiently infected, he becomes briefly invincible, with increased attachồng power. At any point between levels, the player has the option of firing the Enigma at the Eurasia. If the Enigma misses, then the player has the option of launching the shuttle. Whether the crash is prevented or not is determined by random chance. If the crash is not prevented, the course of the story is changed. Due to the nature of the storyline, there are multiple endings. Whether X or Zero is used khổng lồ defeat the last trùm also affects which ending is seen.


Mega Man X5 was generally well-received, with IGN giving the game an 8.5 out of 10. However, they added that though the game was fun to lớn play, it was "more of the same" from Capcom, and that Mega Man, like many other series made by Capcom, was being milked for as much as it was worth. GameSpot similarly commented that "Fans of the classic 2 chiều games will no doubt find much khổng lồ love in X5, while those who can"t get inlớn the aging conventions & mechanics probably won"t care a great deal for it." The Official UK PlayStation Magazine said that the game was "unforgivably primitive".

According lớn the Japanese publication Famitsu, Mega Man X5 was the third best-selling Clip game in Japan during its release week at 46,033 copies sold. It placed at number eight the following week with an additional 22,963 copies sold. Media Create sales information showed that the game was 96th best-selling đoạn phim game in Japan during 2000. Dengeki Online reported that Mega Man X5 sold a total of 215,687 copies in nhật bản by the end of 2001, listing it as the 132nd best-selling game of the year in the region. The game was eventually re-released as part of Sony"s PlayStation The Best for Family range of budget titles in Japan. Toy Retail Sales Tracking (TRST) sales data showed that Mega Man X5 was the fifth best-selling PlayStation game in North America for the month of February 2001. The game was included on the North American Mega Man X Collection for the Nintenvày GameCube & PlayStation 2 in 2006.