Summary: checksum error in RAR files is one of the most annoying errors as it holds the extractions of contents from the zipped folder. Do not worry about your stuck files! This article brings you the easiest & không lấy phí solutions khổng lồ fix the WinRAR checksum error.

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WinRAR Checksum error appears on the screen when some bytes of relevant information are missing from the tệp tin or the file header or RAR archive sầu is corrupted.

Some of the common reasons that lead khổng lồ the corruption in RAR files & causes checksum error in RAR files are listed below:

Reasons behind Checksum Error in WinRAR files

One of the usual errors could be interruptions caused during the RAR files downloading process.Bad sectors on the drive also cause file corruption and leads lớn the checksum error.Other reasons like vi khuẩn intrusion & extracting files from unreliable tools also causes checksum error in WinRAR files.

How khổng lồ Fix Checksum Error in WinRAR?

WinRAR checksum error can be fixed with the help of 2 different approaches.

Method 1: Verify the “Keep broken files” check box

Method 2: Repair the Archive sầu with WinRAR

Fix the Checksum error in RAR or Zip compressed files

To the fix the checksum error in WinRAR file, follow the methods mentioned below as instructed & verify if the error exists at the kết thúc of the process.

Verify the Keep broken files kiểm tra box

Keep broken files, is an option available on the WinRAR application that you use lớn extract the files. The advantage of ticking this option is, it ignores the corruption in the file và helps you in extracting the nội dung from the zip folder. Follow the below given steps khổng lồ extract files without an error message.

Firstly, right cliông chồng on the Zip or RAR compressed fileSelect Extract Files from the optionsTick mark Keep Broken Files located in Miscellaneous tabClick Ok When you choose the destination where it should be extracted to

Note: The file will be extracted to the destined location but will still display the same “checksum error”. Ignore the error và open the file. You will see successfully unzipped files.

This method works fine if you are focusing on single tệp tin corruption. If there is multiple header corruption on the RAR file, the method could fail to open the file.

In such cases, the complete archive sầu needs khổng lồ be repaired. You can make use of inbuilt tool or any trusted repair tool lớn fix the corruption in the RAR files.

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Repair the Corrupt RAR files to lớn fix Checksum error

To repair checksum error in WinRAR files, initially, you need lớn tải về và install WinRAR on your computer. WinRar has the inbuilt option which helps you to fix checksum error & repair the corrupt file. Follow the steps below to repair the archive sầu.

Right-cliông chồng on your corrupted RAR or ZIPhường fileSelect mở cửa with WinRAR from the menu
When WinRAR opens, clichồng the Tools menu -> Repair archive.
Select the destination location where the repaired RAR or ZIPhường file has khổng lồ be saved by clicking on the Browse
Let the archive sầu type remain unchanged và cliông chồng OK.After the repairing process of the archive, cliông xã the Close

Note: The inbuilt repair process helps you fix only the minor corruption in the file. If your files are severely corrupted or damaged và if there is a presence of bad sectors on the drive sầu, this method would not be the effective sầu method.

Also, it directly works on your original files that might increase the tệp tin corruption. To fix any errors và repair the complete RAR files, all you need is a professional RAR tệp tin repair tool.

hocvieneq.com RAR File Repair tool is the most recommended software khổng lồ fix the WinRAR checksum error. The added advantage of using the tool is, it doesn’t alter the original nội dung of the tệp tin and works on the copy of the file. The tool also helps you in extracting the encrypted RAR files without any hassle. Try the software for miễn phí and fix the checksum error in WinRAR files


How to fix the Checksum error without losing the .rar file?

To fix the WinRAR checksum error or CRC error, download và install the hocvieneq.com Repair RAR File Software. Launch the application and follow the steps mentioned below.

 In the main screen, use Browse option lớn select the error causing corrupt or damaged fileCliông xã on Repair to extract corrupt RAR fileSoftware initializes the scanning process khổng lồ repair the corrupt RAR fileOnce the scanning completes, you will be able lớn see the repaired RAR file on the screenChoose the destination to save sầu the fixed WinRAR tệp tin and cliông chồng on Save option

Now, you can extract the RAR files và open it without any error. If you are facing trouble in extracting large .rar files, you can make use of the hocvieneq.com tool to fix and extract Large RAR files.


With the help of above sầu mentioned methods you will be able to fix the checksum error in WinRAR files. You can prsự kiện the checksum error in RAR files by making use of trusted antivi khuẩn và providing enough space lớn the downloaded RAR files.

If you were able lớn fix WinRAR checksum error with the help of the article, vì giới thiệu your thoughts in the comments section below.