If you"re having trouble finding your Windows 10 sản phẩm key, we"ve sầu got you covered.

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In this quiông xã tutorial we"ll go over what a Windows product key is, và I"ll share several ways lớn find the sản phẩm key on modern Windows machines.

What"s a Windows 10 sản phẩm key?

A Windows product key or license is a 25 digit code used khổng lồ activate your installation of Windows.

Back in the day, all you had lớn vì to lớn find your Windows sản phẩm key was look for a sticker somewhere on the machine.

Usually you could find the sticker on the side of a desktop PC, or stuông xã lớn the bottom of a laptop:

An old-school Windows sản phẩm key sticker – Source

Or if you bought a physical copy of Windows, your hàng hóa key would be included somewhere in the box:

A Windows 10 hàng hóa key label - Source

These days, if you buy a Windows 10 Home or Pro from the Microsoft Store or another online retailer lượt thích Amazon, it"ll include a digital copy of your sản phẩm key.

But if your computer is relatively new và came with Windows preinstalled, you might be wondering how to lớn find your key – there"s likely no sticker on the machine, và the computer manufacturer probably didn"t include one in the box.

Whether you installed và activated Windows yourself, or it came preinstalled, your sản phẩm key is stored in the BIOS. This makes it really easy if you ever want khổng lồ reinstall or tăng cấp Windows – there"s no sticker on the machine that could get damaged, và no small label lớn thảm bại.

Still, there are times when you might need your sản phẩm key, like if you want khổng lồ transfer a Windows Home or Pro license lớn another machine.

Whatever the reason, here are a few ways to lớn get your Windows 10 product key.

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How to get your Windows 10 hàng hóa key with the Command Prompt

If you want lớn get your hàng hóa key from Windows, the easiest way is khổng lồ bởi that is through the Windows Commvà Prompt.

First, press the Windows key, search for "cmd", & cliông chồng on "Run as administrator":


Then, run the following command:

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKeyAfter that, you"ll see your Windows 10 sản phẩm key:


Alternatively, you can run this command in the Command Prompt terminal:

powershell "(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey"

Both of these commands attempt to read your Windows product key from something called the OA3 BIOS marker. In other words, they may only work if Windows came preinstalled, and not if you built the machine yourself and installed/activated Windows.

If your hàng hóa key isn"t saved lớn your BIOS/UEFI for some reason, then these commands will either throw an error or return an empty string. In this case, or if you prefer a GUI, give the next method a try.

How lớn get your Windows 10 product key with a third-party program

There are a few tools out there like Belarc Advisor or Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder that can detect your Windows product key.

We"ll use Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder for this tutorial because, well – come on, that name, right?

All you have lớn bởi vì is tải về and install Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder. Then open the KeyFinder program lớn see your sản phẩm key:


Once you"ve sầu copied your sản phẩm key somewhere safe, feel miễn phí to lớn uninstall Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder.

So those are some quick ways khổng lồ find your Windows 10 sản phẩm key.

Did any of these methods or programs work for you? Did you find another way lớn get your product key? Let me know over on Twitter.

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